Payroll Services

Administrative tasks like Payroll processing may become burden especially for small – mid size business owners or managers who have already wore many hats. Under estimating or not doing proper payroll processing might leave your company with big penalties.

Managing payroll tasks in-house can be cumbersome, stressful, and sometimes snatch your attention from your main goal. That’s where we come in to help business of all types and end clients of CPAs with our simplified and streamline payroll processing services.

CharterFiled has a team of professionals specialized in payroll processing who can customize solutions to your needs. Our staff will utilize latest technologies to manage process efficiently and help you to get back to doing what you love!

List of Payroll Services we offered

  1. Implement online software-based payroll processing system based on client’s requirements
  2. Routine Payroll processing – Calculate time, calculate gross pay, calculate withholding ( provincial & Federal taxes, benefits etc.), Issue pay (Hourly, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly) etc.
  3. Determine tax withholding and payment.
    Integrate time, paid time off – vacation time, sick days, and personal days to employee data to reduce errors.
  4. Prepare payroll reports, Year-end Tax reports, time & attendance reports
    Cloud based storage for payroll data, employee personal data, and tax withholding
  5. New Hire Reporting
  6. Update Company about changes in wage and tax laws by regulatory bodies.
  7. Database Management

Why Outsource Payroll Services:

It is very costly to maintain or upgrade the in-house payroll software. Outsourcing companies use latest software to process payroll which will save you technology advancement cost.
Outsourcing companies are using cloud based online software for payroll processing which impart access to employees to update personal information, download pay stubs, print tax documents, submit time-off request etc.